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Mazaopesa Agribiz E-library

Mazaopesa Agribiz E-library offers a digital platform and app for agribusiness and entrepreneurship education, covering modules and topics across value chains, innovations and technologies.

Our mission is to be the leading agribusiness knowledge content development and dissemination platform that provides cutting edge knowledge, technologies and innovations that create a community of successful agribusiness.

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As a global Agribusiness hub, subscriber members have access to well-researched content that disseminates agricultural knowledge and skills. Our E-libraries are comprehensive and offer current information on crop and livestock agriculture, from soil fertility to marketing; ideal for aspiring agribusiness and agripreneurs.

Comming soon

Mazaopesa Agribiz Directory

When ready this will be a comprehensive one-stop shop for Agribusiness related services and products.

Comming soon

Mazaopesa Agriclinics & Field days

A frequent coming together of farmers/agripenuers to share agricultural knowledge guided by our panel of experts.

Mazaopesa Agribiz Consultancy

Agribusiness consultancy services you can trust. All our services are tailor-made and developed with our customers to best meet their expectations. 

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

Thomas Jefferson

Mazaopesa logo HQ

Mazaopesa is an Agribusiness Group that integrates digital Agribiz E-libraries, Agribiz directory, farmer learning platforms, and agribusiness and value chains consulting.

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